Inverness councillor and Scottish Parliament candidate, Carolyn Caddick, is calling on the Police Scotland and the Scottish Government to step back from closing local police control rooms.

The closure is part of the damaging centralisation programme implemented by the SNP Government, and will see the loss of local positions with years of knowledge and experience delivering the service in the Highlands.

Police Scotland announced this week that plans to close Inverness’ Highland Control Centre would go ahead, and the service would be moved to Dundee before the end of 2016.

Carolyn Caddick said: “There is still time to step back from the edge. Again and again the Scottish Government have ignored the distinct needs of the Highlands, but now it’s time to stop the erosion of our local services.

“We’ve seen recently that good local control rooms could help in avoiding tragic mistakes. And we already have a good local control room in Inverness. Closing it to suit a national centralisation agenda just doesn’t make any sense.

“Morale in our police services is already at rock bottom, but it’s not too late to change this decision. We stopped unnecessary and unconstitutional arming of police on regular patrols, we can see this decision reversed as well.”


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