Sir Stephen House has stepped down as Chief Constable of Police Scotland following a series of damaging failures and changes by the SNP's new centralised police force.

Highland Councillor, and Lib Dem candidate for the Scottish Parliament, Carolyn Caddick is calling on the Scottish Government to ensure the next Chief Constable appointment is made without political interference and agenda setting.

Cllr Caddick said: "It's the right time for the Chief Constable to go, and allow for a fresh start. Since the SNP introduced their centralised police force in 2011, under Sir Stephen, we've seen armed and mounted units patrolling our streets, a huge escalation in stop and searches, staff losses, and the closure of our control centre and many front desks.

"His resignation won't solve every problem we have with policing in the Highlands, but a change may give the next Chief Constable an opportunity to get out from under the SNP's centralising yoke.

"I want to see the new Chief Constable committed to strengthening the Scottish Police Authority and leaving more control and services in the hands of regional police officers - including reversing the closure of our Highland Control Centers."

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