In a last-minute amendment to the Education Bill, currently before the Scottish Parliament, SNP Ministers are seeking to enforce top-down regulations on school days.

As it stands, local authorities and head teachers have the flexibility and power to set the length and structure of the school day – but the Scottish Government want to take control of that decision making process.

Cosla, the national association of Scottish councils, has accused the Scottish Government of either bad planning, or a knee-jerk response to an issue that was far from the top of the pile a matter of weeks ago. Cosla confirmed they have been in constant discussions with the Scottish Government but there had been no consultation over this amendment.

Cllr Carolyn Caddick, and prospective candidate for the Scottish Parliament, said: “I am truly shocked by the speed with which the Scottish Government are moving to legislate on this, without any consultation or any empirical evidence to support the change.

“Most evidence points to shorter working days being more productive for younger primary school children. It’s the teaching hours and what you do in them that matters.

“This is another example of the SNP Government dictating changes from Edinburgh, which have previously been in the remit of local Councils.  The SNP Government just keep taking away any local control and imposing a solution that suits their political agenda, rather than thinking things through and doing what works best for the people.

“First the it was the centralisation of the Police, then the other emergency services, then the colleges, and now it’s the schools – where will this madness stop?!”


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