Weeks after the Scottish Government launched an 'emergency' payments scheme, to compensate for their failure to deliver CAP payments on time, the NFUS report that only 19% of farmers eligible for financial support have received any money at all.

Figures provided by the NFUS have revealed that more than 80% of farmers eligible for an emergency payment have not received any money from the Scottish Government’s emergency National Basic Payment Support Scheme.
The emergency scheme was opened several weeks ago after repeated delays in CAP payments as a result of the failure of an £178m SNP-commissioned IT system.
Highland Lib Dem candidate for Skye, Lochaber & Badenoch, Angela Maclean, said: “It’s not only farmers and their families affected by this shambles, it’s all the Highland suppliers, retailers and communities who depend on farmers being able to pay for services, feed, equipment and wages.
“What is just as shocking is that the SNP seem to be oblivious to the harm caused to communities and our rural economy. Instead of stepping up to the plate, admitting the error and dealing with it in good time – they have launched an ‘emergency’ fund that takes weeks and weeks to pay out!
“Then when funds are transferred to farmer they are threatened with interest on any over calculation regarding how much they are entitled to.
“It’s a sorry state of affairs that highlights the SNP government’s disinterest in communities outside the central belt.”
Notes to Editors:
Information provided by the NFUS said that as of Friday 15 April, just 19% of farmers who had not received an initial CAP payment by the end of March had benefited from support under the Scottish Government’s National Basic Payment Support Scheme 2016.
A further 5% of payments are expected to be processed this week.

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