Highland Liberal Democrat candidate, Dr Jean Davis, has won a council by-election for Aird and Loch Ness ward.

Jean Davis gained 1,511 votes 49%, in the final round, taking the seat previously held by the SNP.

Jean said: “I’m hugely honoured to have been elected by the people of Aird and Loch Ness. I will always do my best to help our communities thrive and represent them on the council.

“Lots of people have told me they felt let down by the SNP on the Council and in Holyrood. Delivering for Highlands always seems to be far from their minds, endlessly pulling resources ever farther away from our communities and closer to Edinburgh.

“The Lib Dems have always had a great record for representing their local community in the Highlands, and I am proud to be following that tradition.”

Councillor Carolyn Caddick and Lib Dem prospective candidate for the Scottish parliament said: “What a fantastic result for our team in the Highlands, and a ringing endorsement for those who care about local issues.

“The SNP both in Holyrood and locally will always put their obsession with independence before the well-being of the Highlands and this is clear endorsement for Jean as an individual and for the Lib Dems locally. 

“Jean will be a fantastic Councillor and I look to working with her - she will be a great addition to the Highland team.”

Commenting, Leader of the Scottish Lib Dems, Willie Rennie, said: "This is excellent news from the Highlands and huge congratulations to Jean Davis and the local team who have worked their socks off. 

“This is the first time that the SNP have been beaten in a council by-election since the General Election and it is the Scottish Liberal Democrats that have done it.

“This was a seat held by the SNP’s former leader on Highland Council. This result is a clear endorsement of localism over the SNP centralisation agenda. It looks like the gloss is starting to come off the SNP in the Highlands.

“People were telling Jean and her team that they were fed up with being taken for granted by the SNP who have put Highland issues at the back of the queue. Liberal Democrats have always stood up for the Highlands and Jean will be an excellent councillor for the good people of Aird and Loch Ness.”



Jean Bio: Jean is very active in the community. She lives near Beauly and is passionate about making Aird & Loch Ness an even better place to live.
She recently retired from medical practice and now works part time at St Andrew’s Cathedral, volunteers at her local church, and has recently completed a degree in Humanities through the Open University.
Following medical training Jean worked in private industry promoting Health and Safety internationally and then continued part time medical work alongside work in the voluntary sector (working to reduce suicide) and doing voluntary work - including as an adviser for the Citizens Advice Bureau.

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