Jamie Stone, Lib Dem councillor for Easter Ross and prospective Holyrood candidate for Caithness, Sutherland and Ross, has called for a meeting between Scottish Government ministers and the Highland Council.

Speaking yesterday (Thurs 29th), at a full meeting of the Highland Council, Cllr Stone called for the meeting in order for Highland Councillors to make the case for additional funding to protect the delivery of vital services in the remotest parts of the Highlands.


Jamie Stone said: "Distance, sparsity of population, and the increased cost of vital goods and services make it far more expensive for the Council to deliver vital services in remote areas like North West Sutherland and Wester Ross.


"But people living and working in these areas have as equal a right to quality services as those living in more populous areas - and that is why we must make the case for the additional Scottish Government funding that the Highland Council needs in order to ensure this equality."


"For example some years ago there was a pot of additional roads cash called the Crofting Counties Roads Scheme. Subsequently it was done away with - but the point is that the scheme did work and it did help keep lifeline roads in decent condition in the remoter areas. It was an example that we should revive and replicate for other services today."


"For this to happen the Scottish Government must be persuaded - and in order to do this we must meet face to face with the decision makers - Scottish Government Ministers."


Speaking after the Highland Council meeting, Cllr Stone said: "My suggestion was accepted by my fellow councillors today, so I am hopeful that this meeting will now take place. You know, if you don't ask then you don't get. If we pull this one off and get the cash, then we'll be doing the remotest areas a real service."



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