Today [17/02], Highland Council will approve designs to bypass the dangerous Clephanton ‘leafy’ bends on the B9091 Croy to Nairn road.

Highland Councillor and Scottish Parliament candidate Carolyn Caddick has welcomed the move, which will improve safety and make the route better able to cope with growing levels of traffic.

The plans show an altered route for the road that will cut across the severe double bend just east of Croy. The project is estimated by the Council to be worth £675k and, once a suitable contract is in place, it is hoped that the work will be completed by the end of the next financial year (March 2017).

Cllr Caddick said: “This is good news for everyone who lives along the Croy, Cawdor, Narin route, and uses the road.

“Even if you are negotiating the leafy bends every day, it’s easy to misjudge the turn, especially in the winter and bad weather.

“The B9091 is getting busier and busier, and when work finally starts on the A96 dualling this could become an even worse spot for accidents. The safest option is to cut the bend out altogether and straighten the road.

“We also need to talk to the communities that live along the route and hear their thoughts. We should be looking at ways to encourage safer driving and bring down the speed of traffic on the road.”


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