Double wins for Lib Dems in Highland By-elections!

Plant a Tree for Every Person in the Highlands

Highlands Liberal Democrats call on the Council to urgently plant more trees to tackle climate change

Councillor Trish Robertson, Vice-Chair of the Environment, Development and Infrastructure Committee said:

“I would like to see at least one tree planted for every person in the Highlands.  That is 235,180 trees. 

The climate crisis is a global emergency. We can’t just sit by and let it happen.  We need to act now to create a clean, green and carbon-free future."

Having declared a climate and ecological emergency Highland Council have made a commitment to revisit the Carbon Clever declaration made by the Council in 2012 and to also consider new measures to tackle this issue. 


(L-R) Cllrs. Alasdair Christie, Carolyn Caddick, Denis Rixson, Trish Robertson

Left to right: Cllr Alasdair Christie (Inverness Ness-side), Cllr Carolyn Caddick (Inverness South), Cllr Denis Rixson (Caol and Mallaig), Cllr Trish Robertson (Culloden and Ardesier)
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Jamie Stone hits out at 'dangerous and irresponsible' Johnson

 Jamie Stone has criticised Prime Minister Boris Johnson's plans to suspend the House of Commons in order to force through a no-deal Brexit.

Mr Stone, the Liberal Democrat MP for Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross, called the move "dangerous" and "irresponsible".

He said: "This is an outrageous decision by a Government claiming to be 'taking back control'.

"Just yesterday almost 200 MPs, including myself, signed the Church House Declaration which said shutting down parliament would be 'an undemocratic outrage at such a crucial moment for our country, and a historic constitutional crisis'.

"And yet the Government is ignoring parliament and trying to force through a no-deal Brexit, which the majority of MPs are against.

"Westminster is considered the cradle of democracy, but Johnson is treating it with contempt. This is a deeply dangerous and irresponsible way to govern.

"My constituents elected me to represent them and this means stopping a no-deal Brexit which will be extremely damaging to the Highlands, Scotland and the whole UK.

"The Liberal Democrats demand better and we will continue to oppose any attempts to shut down parliament."

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